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Lisa M. Okoh-Brown

Lisa M. Okoh-Brown puts 20 years of solid legal experience to work for you in the areas of family, immigration, criminal law and civil litigation.  She worked her way through college while raising 4 children.  She attended the University of West Alabama and graduated Magna Cum Laude and #1 in her major with an accounting degree.  She then attended Howard University and earned her Masters in Business Administration and finished #2 in her class, while raising 2 small children.  She then attended Georgetown University Law, one of the nations most prestigious law schools and earned her Juris Doctorate (law degree), followed by a Masters of Law Degree (LLM) in taxation after having her 3rd child.  She has received numerous awards and distinctions throughout her academic career such as who's who among American law students, and the national association of professional women – woman of the year award, to name a few.

She is exclusively focused on Family law and immigration law.  Lisa's passion for Immigration law stems from being an immigrant to this country and fighting to achieve the American dream, like so many of her clients. Equally, her passion for Family Law stems from being a mother and wife who has gone through the pain and disappointment of the breakup of a family. 

Having been in the family law system, she brings a unique perspective to her clients because she has "walked a mile" in their shoes and as such treat her clients with the compassion and attention to detail that she desired when she was a family law client.  She is a fierce advocate for children and sees her 4 children in every child that she encounters.  She balances her clients wants and needs with the reality of their situation.  She understands that she is a "counselor" at law and has to alternate between both attorney and counselor at any given moment.  Clients can always expect her to tell them the truth, even when it's difficult to hear and she will not work on a case just to bill a client.  She honestly has to believe that she will be able to help a client navigate the emotional and financial landmines in the family law system.  Her goal is for her clients to feel that she gave them the very best legal representation at an affordable price, while never skimping on her pursuit of justice for her clients. She considers herself a legal "warrior."



On a Personal Note:

Lisa was born in the Caribbean, to a single mother, as one of six children.  She came from very modest means and that fueled her desire to have a better life for her and her future children.  She attended high school in Miami, Florida and moved to Houston in 2009 and feels that Houston is the best city in the U.S. to live in.  She is a former athlete who played 5 different sports growing up and she brings that competitive drive and winning attitude to everything she does in life, including the practice of law.  She has 2 sons and 2 daughters, ages 30, 26, 22 and 14.  All of her adult children have graduated from college, speak a foreign language and play musical instruments.  She feels her greatest accomplishment is her children.  Lisa’s family loves music, especially musical theatre and her favorite thing to do is to travel the world and experience other cultures and people.She is also an avid student of personal development and listens daily to one of the great gurus such as Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and other greats such as Napolean Hill.  She believes that she can always learn and improve upon herself as this will help her be a better, mother, wife, lawyer and most of all a better human being.  She has been happily remarried now for 8 years and considers her husband her best friend, travel companion and confidante.  She wants anyone going through a divorce to know that it does get better and there is “life” after a divorce and just because a relationship failed, that does not make you a failure.  Her favorite quote is to “grow through what you go through” and she brings this philosophy to her clients and the practice of law.

As a now proud US citizen who is living the American dream and fighting for others’ rights to do the same, she willingly passes her distinct range of knowledge and expert advice to her clients.

Contributing to her rare combination of work experiences were roles she was able to fill in the financial industry while simultaneously obtaining her education and raising a family. These financial roles gave her hands-on training where she was quick to learn about the US economy, how it affected businesses and people and how entrepreneurs could ensure success through skillful navigation of the financial landscape. Her background in economic and entrepreneurial settings adds to her unique skills as an attorney and helps her understand complex business structures and the complexity of immigration and business. Clients have found her well-rounded expertise and past experiences to be exceptionally invaluable when fighting business and investment immigration cases.

Additionally, these areas of trade grant her an edge over attorneys who haven’t achieved such a diverse background, which allows her to represent you better. She is not limited to presenting cases based off of book knowledge alone. Her distinct background gives her the ability to examine situations from many points of view, thus imparting her the ability to bring unique reasoning to the table.

Along with delivering uncommon approaches to fighting cases, Ms. Okoh-Brown provides more personable services than many other attorneys-at-law.  When you hire a lawyer, you expect to get the knowledge and expertise of that particular lawyer, not someone else to whom your case was passed down. While Ms. Okoh-Brown has put together a high-caliber legal team that assists in achieving the firm’s high ratio of victories, she is so hands-on with her cases that every single piece of communication and every detail of each case makes its way across her desk. This attention to detail ensures that each client equally benefits from Ms. Okoh-Brown’s exceptional skill set, and also provides clear communication and consistent integrity for each case.

Her level of reliability and steadfast honor spurs her to treat each client with the respect and dignity they deserve. She knows you work hard for your money and need to spend it wisely. She has been in your shoes and will do everything in her power to demonstrate that it is wise to invest in hiring her firm to stand for you. You won’t be rushed in and out of your appointments or phone calls, and the firm holds a strict  24-hour return call policy. So, you won’t be left wondering when you were going to hear back about your case. She holds an unyielding belief that everyone deserves respect, and she will not waiver in giving each client the respect they deserve.

You can be confident that partnering with THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC  is a trusted choice because Ms. Okoh-Brown offers each potential new client a FREE consultation.  Unlike many lawyers who take on cases so they can add more billable hours to their dockets, Ms. Okoh-Brown does what is best for her clients.  She will not take on a case unless she can ascertain with absolute confidence that the client has a chance to win the case.

Additionally, if she thinks a client can achieve the best outcome outside of the courts, she will guide prospective clients to the avenue by which they can best pursue that resolve. She cares enough about people to ensure they only enter into litigation when it is in their best interest. As a family-driven attorney, she will advise you as she would her own family. If Ms. Okoh-Brown agrees to take on your case, you can be certain that she is fully confident in the probability of achieving a win for you, and can take comfort in knowing that she is guiding you down the best path for you and your family.

Having a family of her own, along with personal experience in the family courts system, she knows that if you are seeking her help with a family-related case that you need a lawyer who can empathize with you. She knows firsthand what emotions you’re experiencing and how painful the journey can be. She will relentlessly seek justice to help you reach the healthiest and most prosperous outcome for your family.

If you or a loved one is in need of trusted representation for a criminal case, the Okoh-Brown firm understands the importance of your case being presented with extreme consideration and care. They know the outcome of your case not only affects you, but it affects the people around you for years to come. They will carefully examine your case as to not leave any detail undiscovered and will consult with you to fully understand the complete picture of events that gave rise to  the incident/s in question. And in following true Okoh-Brown manner, they will strategize to determine which approach will present the greatest opportunity for the best possible outcome for your case.

She is as fearless in her representation for her clients as she is in pursuing her own endeavors; she will not stop fighting until you say so. Pulling from her years as a competitive athlete, Ms. Okoh-Brown strives for victory for her clients with an unparalleled competitive drive. It is well-known that Ms. Okoh-Brown is comfortable exploring every single option legally available; including many that a less seasoned attorney either wouldn’t be confident enough to pursue or wouldn’t even know was available as an option. Through her many years of championing for others and from her unique background, Ms. Okoh-Brown has learned many strategies which can only be mastered through years in-the-field and the courage to pursue them.

It is that ambitious drive and unceasing passion for justice that leads Ms. Okoh-Brown and the team at THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC  to victory after victory for their clients. They will be as committed and tenacious for you, as well. Schedule your FREE consultation and see how they can best serve you. Hablamos español, también.