When an individual is first dealing with immigration law they will often be surprised at how complex and tricky immigration law can be. Particularly in immigration law, many individuals usually are not aware of where they should turn. Although navigating the immigration maze can be difficult, those struggling with immigration law can take heart in knowing there is an immigration attorney firm led by Lisa M. Okoh-Brown, Esq. that is thoroughly knowledgeable in all issues related to immigration law. If you have Ms. Okoh-Brown and her legal team working on your case, you will quickly find she brings a level of compassion unparalleled when compared to other immigration attorneys.

Immigration Attorneys and Lawyers Advocating For You

The reason Ms. Okoh-Brown, a dedicated immigration lawyer, can bring such compassion to the table is that she is an immigrant herself. Through the years, Lisa Okoh-Brown has dedicated herself to tackling challenging immigration law cases that many other attorneys have refused even to consider. Ms. Okoh-Brown also has a stellar educational background, graduating with honors from Georgetown University with a JD in 2000 along with a Masters of Law Degree also from Georgetown University and a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). She took classes at night and worked part-time. She has established herself as a fearless Houston immigration attorney who gets results for her clients.

Here are the reasons why THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP delivers expert law services that set them apart from the other law firms:

For an immigration attorney in Houston TX, no one can outperform Lisa Okoh-Brown. She knows that at the end of the day, her clients’ immigration law stories are no different from her immigration law story. You see, Lisa Okoh-Brown originally came to America from The Bahamas on a student visa with pretty much just a dream to attend law school and not much else. She worked her way up through the ranks, but she quickly learned that no one was going to give her a free ride. Although she had minimal funds and even fewer resources, she did not sell herself out to be a charity case. She knows that many immigrants will fall victim to a cynical system and she goes the extra mile to advocate for them in an attempt to keep them from becoming yet another statistic.

As an immigration attorney Houston, TX can be proud of, Lisa Okoh-Brown has since become a proud citizen of the United States. However, she is not just another run-of-the-mill immigration attorney. In her work, she has the uncanny ability to draw on her own life experiences outside of the courtroom to adequately represent clients. While Ms. Okoh-Brown was in law school, she also had the opportunity to work within the financial industry in a variety of roles. These experiences taught her many valuable lessons about the U.S. economy and how it has affected different businesses and segments of the population.

Ms. Lisa Okoh-Brown also learned the value of the entrepreneurial spirit in this nation as well. Indeed, this diverse background she possesses helps her to be better equipped to understand complex business structures and the role they play when it comes to immigration. She realized early on that the structure of immigration definitely can play a massive factor with businesses when investment issues occur. Ms. Okoh-Brown has proven to be an immense asset to individuals seeking investment or business visas in this area because of her foray into the financial services industry. More well-rounded experiences have increased her standing as an immigration attorney in the Houston area.

Many immigration attorneys have to rely solely on book knowledge alone. Book knowledge is all well and good, but Lisa Okoh-Brown can rise above this. She has the distinct advantage over other immigration attorneys simply because her diverse experiences allow her to look at a case from a variety of different angles and not just from a legal avenue either. This ability to bring such unique reasoning to the table has allowed Lisa to save her clients from adverse legal predicaments.

Within this same vein, Ms. Okoh-Brown possesses a level of commitment, honor, and reliability that employs her to deal with each client with the dignity and respect they deserve. Lisa realizes that all of her clients work hard for their money, so she endeavors to give them the most value she can. Because she has been in her client’s shoes, she will be sure to treat each client of her firm with the dignity that they deserve. Because of this, she has some hard-and-fast rules that she will follow with every client. First of all, when a client calls her office, she makes sure that even the most junior training associate is aware of a strict 24-hour deadline for returning their phone calls. She does this because she realizes client anxiety regarding a legal case can be extremely high and she does not want the clients of the firm to be in the dark regarding their situation. Her office also contacts clients immediately when they have any communication from the immigration service regarding their case.  She also is outstanding about offering potential clients FREE consultation, where she will let them know if they have a chance of winning their case or not. She will not accept your case unless you have a chance of winning.

For Lisa Okoh-Brown, supervision is a crucial component to every part of her immigration legal practice. Ms. Okoh-Brown has never been the type of head lawyer to hand off all cases to a subordinate and call it good. Yes, she has an extensive legal practice, and yes, like other large legal firms she does hand off the baton from time to time.  However, the big difference between her and other immigration law firms is that every decision regarding legal representation has to have her OKAY first. Every case is reviewed by her before it is sent out. Once she signs off on it, you will quickly realize why she is an immigration attorney Houston can be proud to have. Simply put, she gets it done and gets it done well.

Lisa is a lawyer who merely wants to ensure good results for her clients. In other words, if she thinks the best outcome for her perspective client would be outside of the courtroom, she will gladly recommend that option even if it means less money in her bottom line. She will only recommend litigation if she believes it is in the best interest of her clients. You must realize that before Lisa Okoh-Brown was an immigration attorney, she was a working mother. She remembers that time in her life very vividly, and she keeps that in mind every time she advises a client on the path they should take.

If there is anything Lisa Okoh-Brown realizes,  it would be the fact that immigration law can be an extremely heartless type of system that tears families apart. Lisa has a family of her own, and she can empathize with whatever pain you might be experiencing. This is why she is fearless in her representation and will continue to fight until you tell her to stop.

If you or a loved one are facing an immigration battle and do not know where to turn, rest assured you can turn to Lisa Okoh-Brown and her associates. She will treat your immigration battle with the utmost of care and will fully demonstrate time and again that she is a trusted advocate for you and your family’s immigration journey. You can rest assured that she will do everything in her power to cause a positive outcome for you. Give her a call today and move your situation in a positive direction! She will advocate for your case and go the extra mile for you in every way, shape, or form. She will never give up your immigration law case until she gets your desired results. She is relentless!



Life Experience

The best kind of experience does not always happen in a courtroom. Ms. Lisa Okoh-Brown arrived in America as a student, on a visa, with the idea of making a better life for herself and others. She did not have much money; however, she was persistent and worked relentlessly to fulfill her dream of becoming an attorney.

She graduated Magna Cum Laude at the University of Alabama while receiving a Bachelors of Science in Accounting. She earned her Masters of Business Administration from Howard University and her Juris Doctorate, as well as her Masters of Laws Degree in Taxation from Georgetown University, both located in Washington, DC.

Having obtained full United States citizenship and working in the finance industry, Ms. Okoh-Brown understands, not just what the process is like, but how the complexity of business directly affects immigration. Being well-rounded in any business is never a bad idea, it affords you the ability to see problems and situations from multiple viewpoints and perspectives. This insight allows for more thorough representation along with multi-faceted solutions to address the multiple difficulties you are facing.


Here at THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC you are not just a client; you are treated like family. In regards to law, there is always a lot on the line; however, concerning immigration law, there is a lot more than just business and money in jeopardy. Your entire family and future, or freedom to live, is on the line as well and we do not take that lightly. We value your decision to work with us and to trust us. We do not want to waste your time or your money.

In immigration law, mainly, time is a crucial factor. We value your time and your money which is why we make it a point to not just be punctual, but to be honest with you about your case and all that is involved. We will not accept your case unless you have a chance to win.

As an immigrant, Ms. Okoh-Brown understands how particularly scarce money can be for immigrants seeking to enter or remain in the U.S. and has no desire to have your money without delivering the results you need in return. She has the integrity and character to offer you and your family critical help through this tough time.

Immigration cases can be daunting for someone who is facing them. However, with THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC by your side, there is always hope.

We have a strict “twenty-four hour return call policy.” We understand your need to get answers that is why we treat each case with a sense of urgency. We commit to providing our clients immediate and honest feedback to manage expectations.

When you partner with us, you gain experience, confidence, and an ally—someone who has your best interests at heart. You obtain the ability to hope and dream again for a better future for you and your family.

For every new client, Ms. Okoh-Brown provides a free consultation so that you can be well informed about your case before committing to anything. She will not take on a case that she is not entirely confident that she can win. In your consultation, if she believes that other methods can be used to achieve the best outcome for their situation, she will suggest that. As she is in her personal life, she is in business—guiding people into litigation only when it is necessary—thinking about what would best suit each family as if it were her own.


Traditionally, when hiring an attorney, you only receive the benefit of the one attorney you hired. Not here. At THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC you benefit from every attorney on our team—not just your attorney and not just Ms. Okoh-Brown but everyone. Ms. Okoh-Brown has not only put together a group of attorneys and professionals that are well-rounded and well versed in their respective fields, but who are also always willing to work together.

The immigration process is so complex and multifaceted that THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC made it its business to be able to assist wherever we may be needed. We are positioned and licensed to practice in immigration courts across the nation. In addition to the Texas State and District Court, we can also represent clients in Florida state courts as well as Federal Court as Ms. Okoh-Brown is barred in both Texas and Florida.

We challenge each other, and we work together which is why we have such a high success rate. Every case comes across Ms. Okoh-Brown’s desk to ensure that everyone benefits equally. Not only so that clients may benefit from her particular unique skill set and perspective, but also so they could benefit from having a fresh set of eyes on the case. When one attorney in THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP works for you, everyone at THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP works for you.

Law Services

In the midst of your immigration challenges, you want someone who is well versed in all areas of immigration. Ms. Okoh-Brown uses her expertise and that of her staff’s to cover all areas of possible concern. We handle all common immigration issues in addition to family and employment-related petitions, visas, business and investment visas, deportation, appeals, and waivers to name a few. We also provide access to obtaining permanent US visas, whether through business, employment, petitions, or relationship.

THE OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC seeks to provide you with options. Our goal is what is best for you and works best for you and your situation. Everyone’s case is different, and we are here to help you achieve the best outcome possible. It is our goal to provide the best outcome that suits your needs and the needs of your family. You have options and the OKOH-BROWN LAW GROUP, PLLC is here to help you explore them.